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[Update]: iPhone users have something to be happy for. Well, to be specific, iPhone users who have WhatsApp on their phones. So if you have moved away from WhatsApp and shifted to Telegram, you don’t have to read further. Anyway, the update requires you to have iOS 13 and above software to utilize the WhatsApp update.

When you listen to voice notes, and it reaches the end, most of the time, what happens is that you are not really able to catch the entire message. Then you have to hit play again manually. When you make the update, the voice message will replay itself right after it ends the first time.

Moreover, as you may remember, even if you have read receipts off on WhatsApp when you listen to voice notes, the sender gets to see the blue mic and see that you have heard it. Not anymore, though. Through this update, you get to disable read receipts for them as well.

[July 3rd, 2021]: Apple’s iOS 14 updates excited all tech fans at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Airpods and Airpods pro’s further developments took them up many notches. Spatial sounds, seamless switching, headphone adjustment (among others) were all the latest developments announced. However, wait until you hear about what they left out.

The Long-Awaited For Update in iOS 14

They optimized Battery Charging. Those three words are what all iPhone users have been waiting for. This new feature in iOS 14 will protect your battery life and make sure it does not deteriorate over the years. Although battery deterioration over time is inevitable, it can be delayed now, thanks to this feature. Sony had introduced this feature years ago because they understood year-to-year battery optimization is essential. We’re glad Apple is on board now!

When you update your phone to iOS 14, you will be able to see another notification that comes through the feature. 

The fun part is that this feature is now available for AirPods as well.

Airpods Pro
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This will change the charging process for good. Usually, your phone keeps on consuming electricity until it is at 100%. Later, you need to charge it again when the battery drains. However, now, your phone will charge till it is at 80% and finish 100% before you wake up.

This will be done by Apple’s ability to notice the times you start using your phone in the morning. It will trace the time back to the time of inactivity during the night and set itself to charge then.

Apple watch
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Currently, this feature, and iOS 14, is only available for developers. However, some sources predict later this month; it will be open to all public.

Previously Announced New Features

Seamless switching ensures you don’t need to change the device your AirPods are connected to manually. You can shift from listening to songs on the iPhone to a movie on iPad, and AirPods will understand. 

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Surround-sound effects are what you experience when watching a movie on TV. You’re able to hear all the sounds aloud in the room. However, the case is different when you have any device in your ears. Airpod pro only will now be using the same effect to ensure your experience is as holistic as possible.

There’s also the Headphone Accommodation feature, which allows you to adjust the sounds on your phone or any other device. You can choose whether you want them softer always or sharper too!

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