lahore smog
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Pakistan is a wholesome country when it comes to weather. On the northern side, you will get all the snow but near the coastal areas, the weather will be incredible round the year. Then there is Lahore, getting extremely hot in the summers and extremely cold minus the snow in the winters. Recently, Lahore smog has robbed people of all their winter plans though.

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The deteriorating weather 

Lahore has proven to be quite unlucky recently given the air condition. According to many pieces of research, the air should not even be considered breathable. There was talk that it was so because of India burning its crop near the borders but some fact-checkers thwarted that rumor as well saying it wasn’t due to crop burning rather due to the quality of fuel being used in the country especially in Lahore.

Whomever or whatever became the reason, the facts cannot be changed. At this point, the air is dangerous especially for children and older citizens. And the smog has reached a level that international flights are forced to return to their origin because they cannot land at Allama Iqbal International Airport.

Lahore Smog memes

But what will Pakistanis do when the situation gets really bad? Make memes, of course! And that they did. The subject of trolling this time was no Abhinandan or India claiming that there was a civil war in Pakistan. The subject this time was the garden city, Lahore.

Since the visibility is affected, the jokes were mainly focused on that but comparing it to 240p is something only couch potatoes can relate to.

The POV references never get old either.

Getting out of the camera visibility, the members chose to delve into the famous lines now. One of these lines is as everyone knows or at least anyone who has interacted even once with a Lahori would attest to, Jinne Lahore nahi vikhya o jameiya ee nai (One who hasn’t seen Lahore has not seen anything). To that the meme says, well, we can’t literally see anything anymore anyway!

Bollywood reference

If you are from the subcontinent you will agree, the memes feel incomplete without Bollywood references, don’t they?

But never had I ever imagined Yashwardan Raichand’s dialogue from K3G, “Guess karo ham kahan hain,” (Guess where we are) would be used for Lahore.

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Are you in Lahore? Do let us know if you have some more memes to drop in because we would love to feature them. That said, ‘may the prayers be with you’.

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