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As the wedding season comes towards us in full swing, many brides and grooms are walking around like headless chickens trying to find good photographers. The pictures of your big day are a lifetime memorable and priceless so who should one trust in today’s world? But we have got you covered if you are having the event in Lahore. Have a look at some of the best Lahore-based wedding photographers:

1. Izza Shaheen Malik 

Izza Shaheen is one of the up-and-coming photographers who has taken the wedding industry by storm. The woman knows her angles, her editing, and her pictorial directions better than anyone you may have come across. Moreover, she has also worked on international gigs so you know she knows what she is doing. Have a look at her page:


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2. Palwasha Minhas

Palwasha Minhas and her husband, Rizwan work together and shoot weddings to create tiny pictorial memories that are sublime. The couple’s work is also one of the most amazing ones available to couples about to get married. Have a look at their work:


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3. The Wedding Stories 

This page is also a hot favorite when it comes to couples wanting the absolute best pictures for their weddings. They specialize in the bokeh effect and also incredible editing all around so what’s not to love?

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4. Shayan Ather Photography

Shayan Ather is also a competitive photographer who has covered 100s of weddings thus far. The photos capture the candid, intimate moments at events and they help you remember the tiniest details from your big day. If you’re looking for someone who is also especially affordable, Shayan Ather should be your pick.

5. The Videographers

You can’t be looking for photographers for your events and not consider The Videographers. They were the pioneers of fun and interesting wedding films and photographs which is why they’re the giants of this field. Their photos speak for their craft: have a look at their work.

6. Natasha Zubair

Although Natasha Zubair is a fashion photographer, she also makes exceptions sometimes for couples about to get married. Her wedding shoots are out of the blue and so refreshing to see. If you’re looking for something different and crazy, hit her up!


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7. OPM Shoots

OPM is probably covering their thousandth wedding as we speak. They rose to popularity a long time ago but here’s the thing: they never fell from their standards. They have maintained their photography style and quality and hence, are a great option.

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Do let us know which one you went with or if you think there are more Lahore-based wedding photographers that are qualified to be in the list.

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