fifa world cup trophy tour
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Lahore is all set to host the FIFA World Cup trophy after four long years. Pakistanis and Lahoris have especially been waiting for this moment and it seems close to us at last. Read all the details about the upcoming tournament and the trophy tour here! 

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When Will It Come?

The organizers of the whole show have announced big things recently. The team of FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour announced that the awe-inspiring golden trophy will arrive in the land of Lahore on June 7. It was initially planned that it would land in Islamabad, the capital city, but now that plan has changed and Lahoris will welcome the trophy. The trophy is also a sight for sore eyes, many still don’t know what they’re looking at! The trophy shows two fingers supporting the globe. 

fifa world cup trophy tour
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The change in the venue was recently announced. Though the change is welcomed, it can be understood to be due to the political uncertainty in the country. Islamabad is the capital city and a lot can happen there. 

When Did It Come Last?

The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour is held every World Cup year. It last visited Lahore in 2018 which was its first visit to Pakistan. Back then, former France midfielder Christian Karembeu accompanied the trophy. Those were the golden days!

fifa world cup trophy tour
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Karembeu is also the player who won the World Cup with Les Bleus in 1998. He is also coming this time around with Pakistan being one of 51 stops on the trophy tour. We’re excited to welcome him back to Lahore four years later, a lot has changed since then, hasn’t it? This year’s World Cup will be held in Qatar from Nov 21 to Dec 18.

Will We Lose Out On Events Like This?

fifa world cup trophy tour
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Pakistan should be made a stop on the trophy tour each time around. After all, Pakistan is where the balls come for the game and why the game gets to run. However, with all the political unrest and uncertainty that is simmering in the country, it makes one think about whether one is going to lose this soon. Will foreigners still choose to come next year around?

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