kubra khan sinf-e-ahan
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Sajal Aly is dedicated to promoting her latest drama Sinf-e-Ahan to the fullest. Just recently she wittily replied to a fan asking a very personal question and it was related to this drama. Now with the first episode out and it making people very happy and hopeful, Kubra Khan spoke up about it and it’s something you definitely need to hear.

What Did She Say?

Kubra Khan was asked about how the training for this new drama was and her reply is beyond shocking! She said that the training was so difficult that she lost 10 KGS over 2-3 months of their training. How insane is that?

kubra khan sinf-e-ahan
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She adds that they were made to run around and train and do stunts while wearing all the armour. They were carrying G3 guns and they weight 4-5KGS on their own with their bolt intact. Usually, you’re supposed to take the bolt out but it wasn’t for them. Moreover, they also wore 2-3 other bags on their uniforms also and ran with it. Running with such a huge weight is no small feat and hence, we totally understand why she lost that much weight!

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About Sinf-e-Ahan

This new drama is the latest collaboration of ISPR with the entertainment industry. The previous was Ehd-e-Wafa. In this show, the purpose is to show women’s rise to power in Pakistan’s military and the sacrifices they make to get to the same place. This comes as no surprise especially when Aik Thi Nigar was such a success. The short film, acted upon by Mahira Khan, was made on General Nigar who was the first woman to occupy many positions in Pakistan’s defence sector.

kubra khan sinf-e-ahan
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What Did Sajal Aly Say About It?

Just recently, Sajal Aly opened her questions up for her fans. She asked them to send in any questions they’d like her to answer. One person asked her “khush khabri kab suna rahe hain?” and although this was a super personal question, Sajal Aly handled it like a pro! She made the question about SinfeAhan and promoted the first episode of the drama.

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What Are People Feeling?

The people are starting to formulate opinions on the drama after the first episode. Here are what they have said about it so far:

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