Kia ad campaign iqra aziz
Screen grab from KIA Ad

Kia Motors revealed its ad not too long ago titled, Play It Young. The ad is making rounds on social media and attracting all kinds of opinions, good and bad. But for us, the ad is just too good. It conveys the idea they want to, the significance of their product, and even shows and breaks stereotypes.

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KIA Motors Ad

The ad shows a girl (Iqra Aziz) doing groceries at the supermarket. She looks modest but she has a funky side which we see as her doppelganger. The funky alter ego has purple-dyed hair and wants to live her life while the modest girl has to exercise restraint.

They meet an acquaintance (a typical brown aunty) who asks her about ‘good news’. And we all know what that is a codeword for. The funky alter ego urges her to tell the aunty off by saying that the ‘good news’ can be used for promotion as well. A girl’s life is not just about producing babies.

The girl(s) exits the mart and finds the KIA vehicle. They are both amazed. And that is what the ad-makers intended to show; no matter how different your personality is, you are equally amazed at the perfection of the product. The alter egos become one human as they unite in their love for the car. Iqra Aziz drives off in the car shedding off yet another stereotype you see in the ads; the stereotype of men controlling the wheel.

Criticism for the sake of criticism

When the ad was shared on a popular portal, one could see quite a few criticisms of it. But honestly, most of them seemed like they had no basis. Having criticized so many ads now, it seems most of us have just internalized the idea that every campaign needs to be complained about. Of course, it is not like the ad could not have been better. Maybe the voiceover technology could be improved. But in general, the storyline, the lack of bombarding the product on the screen, and of course Iqra’s priceless acting, make the ad a complete package.

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If I could dare to make my own opinion; I LOVED THE AD.

Good work, KIA Motors.

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