Pakistani fashion has always been about very traditional clothing that represents the Pakistani culture but for the Pakistani men, we rarely see anything new and bold. The regular attire of the average Pakistani man showcases minimalism and often the same monotonous style that has been coming in for ages.

Recently, men’s fashion in Pakistan has been on an upwards trajectory as we see more and more trendy designs and out-spoken choices.

Diners has taken the initiative to give the Pakistani man an upgrade on their style of dressing and give them a new outlook on how to appear more fashionable.

Diners took on board the well-regarded Pakistani actor, Adnan Siddiqui, for their new DVC which showcases their new collection called “Confidence Personified.”

The very aptly named new collection from Diners provides a fresh perspective for men on how to dress for success. Diners new collection, “Confidence Personified” has encapsulated perfectly the words ‘confidence’ and ‘success.’

Ahmed Ali, General Manager Marketing, says “Success is not a destination, it’s a mindset, it’s the way you choose to live.” which is very synonymous to the entire theme of the DVC.

The DVC highlights various elegant articles adorned by Adnan Siddiqui from the collection as he confidently strolls down the streets of New York wearing suits that resonated confidence.

Although Adnan Siddiqui stars in the DVC the main hero are the elegant suits. What is it about these suits that scream out assertiveness and fortitude? They symbolize boldness and self-assurance with their classy and sophisticated style which sets them apart from the regular apparel options.

In today’s time where your clothing sets the first impression, Diners strikes the right nerve ‘Confidence Personified’ as it is a complete solution to dress fashionably and confidently in the most convenient way for all Pakistani men.

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