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A famous potato chips brand recently came under fire from social media trolls for a logistical blunder. Kettle Chips UK was the highlight because a customer found a potato inside the packet instead of chips. Well, that is some experience.

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What really happened?

Dr. David Boyce, a Twitter user took to social media a picture of his recent interaction with the brand. When he went to buy a packet of chips, he, of course, paid for it. However, upon opening the pack, he found a whole potato inside. Amazed probably, he took it to Twitter and tagged the brand as well.

Twitter responds

Before the brand could respond, netizens were all over the tweet. Some of them were absolutely flabbergasted while others were having a bit too much fun with the idea. They joked around about the experience. A serious foodie may get offended but Boyce took it in stride and got into fun conversations with people.

One person even shared his weird food moment in the replies. Apparently, Mr. Henry found an alphabet printed on his baked beans.


And of course, bringing in the age-old rivalry of the US and UK is something you can totally expect from people of the two countries.

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Some were genuinely curious about how he didn’t notice the anomaly when he picked up the packet. An accurate question, you may think. Turns out, the packet was so filled with air, that no one could notice it.

Another netizen had a great solution. The perfect compensation, according to her, was Kettle Chips should provide a lifetime supply of chips for the victim.

Few Twitteratis joked that this could be a DIY stunt too; Kettle Chips encouraging people to make their own chips.

Kettle Chips responded 

Took them some time but Kettle Chips responded eventually. They asked Boyce to DM them. Boyce readily replied. He even offered to return the potato.

Of course, to us, it doesn’t even look like a potato. Let’s hope it was just that because have you ever seen a potato so small? We haven’t. And if the brand doesn’t offer compensation, that will be just too immature. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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