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For some time, crimes were so rampant in the city that if Karachi and robberies were used as synonyms, the residents wouldn’t even bat an eye. After some breather in between, those times, it seems, have returned. Robberies are once again on the rise and while most people have been through them, not everyone knows what you should be doing right after. Hence, today, we will be giving you a checklist of the immediate tasks you should carry out after robberies.

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1. FIR against robberies

Lodging the First Incident Report or FIR is the first thing you should do after such a crime has been instigated against you. Register what was taken from you. It will become an important piece of evidence in your favor if your possession was used in another crime. Otherwise, because of your possession, you will get implicated. Go to the first police station you see.

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2. CNIC block

After the FIR, get your CNIC blocked. Most places require CNIC for bookings. You never know if the robber is going to discard the CNIC or forward it to a syndicate to use in a crime or not. Better safe than sorry.

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3. Sim Block

The third step in the checklist is to block your sims. Of course, before you do that, you can also try calling the network to ping the location of the phone. Police can use that as vital evidence. Most of the time, however, the robber switches off the phone right away but at least you can get the location of the last tower the phone pinged from.

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4. ATM/Debit/Credit Card

Almost all ATM, debit, and credit cards require pin codes. But the robbers are not technologically challenged. It is better to immediately get them blocked if you don’t want to see them drained of cash.

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5. Social media accounts block

While most other sites do not need much policing, however, Meta-owned sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have quite a lot of your personal data. Therefore, after lodging the FIR when you get home, log yourself out of the devices robbed, and change passwords.

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6. Car tracker

This is an additional step. It can be employed if you were robbed off of your vehicle. In this case, and that is if you had a tracker installed, call the tracking company. Tell them about the incident. You will have to confirm your credentials. Most trackers allow switching off the car as well. So try that too.

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While you should know these, let’s pray we never have to go through such a situation that Karachi robberies would befall us! Share this article with your friends and family.

Stay safe!

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