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Patriotic we are, but when it comes to judging cities separately, there is always that fight of whose biryani is better. While we Karachiites do win the biryani battle, we almost always lose when it comes to discussing security. In the past few years, Karachi was rampant with robberies. Sometime later, they just faded away. However, now the conditions have worsened and robberies are on the rise once again.

Karachi & some facts

Well, not facts, but we know that Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan. No matter how developed Islamabad and Lahore become, most commercial activities still take place in the old capital. The ratio is so huge that the older generation is heard comparing revenue gathered from Karachi with the entire country. If you are a Karachiite, you would have definitely heard your uncle at a gathering, saying, “Lalukhet tax is more than the whole of Punjab.”

But let’s look at some facts too:

The reason

When we posted an article yesterday about the routes that have witnessed the most robberies in Karachi in the past few days, some people shared their opinions. One of those opinions was that more than avoiding the routes altogether, we should discuss the why behind these crimes.

Now, there can be numerous why’s.

  1. It can be that there is unemployment
  2. COVID has not fared in favor of Karachi
  3. It can be that our living continues to be expensive and unaffordable.
  4. It can also be that Karachi still lacks when it comes to law enforcement.
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Basically, there are many reasons one can attribute to the increasing crimes in Karachi. Bit it does lead to Karachiites asking one question. Other cities have witnessed better utility services. Their water and electricity problems have been resolved to great extent. Their sewerage system is getting better and better. So, we ask this one question; was the absence of the basic utilities not enough that the security issues for our lives and property will also be rampant?

Hopefully, someone will come across our cries and do something worthwhile for the city. It will be then only that the Karachiites can also walk on the streets easily with their phones out; not worried when a bike with two men will come out with guns ready and rob the phones off of them.

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