Karachi Earthquake: Twitter Flares With Prayers & Videos
Image Source: The Nation

Last night, after 10 pm, almost the whole of Karachi was jerked awake as the citizens felt tremors. Some mistook it for being nothing but it lasted for quite a few seconds and the suspicions were confirmed as the hashtag began trending on Twitter almost immediately.

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Details on earthquake

As the news trended, more details began emerging. Turns out that the earthquake was felt in various areas of Karachi. The tremors could be felt in Gulshan, Scheme 33, and Malir Cantt as well. Safe to say, the way it was spread out, it covered the entire Karachi.

Twitter on Karachi Earthquake

The earthquake is being reported to be at a 4.1 Richter scale. It went 15 km in depth and 15 km North. Given the stats of how many earthquakes, Pakistan has been subjected to in the past 7 days, people were bound to be scared. As a result, the platform overflowed with prayers of protection.

While that is all great, one cannot stop themselves from being amazed at the efficiency of the Karachiites who were able to capture the tremors in videos even though the quake itself lasted for seconds only. Some captured the ceilings fans shaking and some were able to capture the moving tea.

While the earthquake was of a medium magnitude, not too harsh but also not too insignificant, people in buildings quickly left their apartments to gather outside. Considering mostly, the construction companies do not focus much on the safety element, it was the appropriate measure people thought of.

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Seeing though that Karachiites witnessed cracks in walls, one is forced to have trains of thoughts; one is, of course, the danger of the earthquake itself but also, are these construction companies employing safety measures as they erect residential buildings all over Karachi? Is there an entity that forces them to follow the rules and regulations or has this aspect in Karachi given up on as well?

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