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Pakistan is especially a hell zone for animals as citizens not only brutally treat animals but also remain criminally negligent towards them. The latter are those who have a responsibility towards animals for whatever reason yet do not fulfil them. Most Pakistanis suffer from selective empathy which, as this recent case shows, has terrible consequences.

What Happened?

Karachi Zoo had a rare white lion who has just been announced dead. The lion’s body is clearly, without any doubt, look emaciated. What is even more horrifying are the scars on its body. The lion’s body has so many scars which people believe are whip marks— the zookeepers must have whipped them each time they came into contact with them.

Have A Look At His State:

karachi zoo white lion
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What Is Being Known?

Many people are theorizing that the lion was literally starved to death because KMC had not given its payment. The food supply was barred. The other version says that the lion was suffering from tuberculosis and was critically ill for 2 weeks.

karachi zoo white lion
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Nonetheless, the lion breathed his last yesterday. Even if the latter were true, the lion’s physical state does not lie to us. Look at their mane, look at their body and look at their scars— this was plain torture, negligence and irresponsibility. 

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What Are People Doing?

People want accountability. Zoos are themselves a problematic concept: why must we cage living beings for our entertainment? Moreover, Pakistan has proved itself to be incapable of taking care of animals. The case of Kaavan was clear in this: his partner died of gangrene and then Kaavan was depressed alone. While he met a better fate, unfortunately, this lion could not.

Here’s what people are saying:

What Can Authorities Do?

Authorities must ideally abolish zoos. These cases of animal abuse have proved they are not sustainable in Pakistan. Realistically, they need to investigate honestly why the lion died. What are the scars? 

karachi zoo white lion
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However, even this seems like a hard-ask provided authorities keep dog culling despite organisations like ACF’s hard work, day and night. What can save this is hard, strict, and multiple laws that protect animals.

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