jinnah express

The iconic Lahore-Karachi train, Jinnah Express has been launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan in a bid to revive Pakistan’s railway with the help of China.

This train takes approximately 16 hours and 30 minutes to complete its journey of 1214 K.M.

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Jinnah Express will stop at three railway stations:

  • Khanewal
  • Rohri
  • Hyderabad

Jinnah Express Train Fare

The fare for each passenger is fixed at Rs 6,500.


The passengers will be given catering facilities and sleeping berths

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Train Timings

 Karachi To Lahore Timings

Stop Arrival Departure
Karachi Cant Start 15:00
Hyderabad Jn 17:05 17:07
Rohri Jn 20:35 20:55
Khanewal Jn 2:55 3:15
Lahore Cantt 7:00 7:15
Lahore Jn 7:30 End


Lahore To Karachi Timings

Stop Arrival Departure
Lahore Jn Start 14:30
Lahore Cantt 14:45 15:00
Khanewal Jn 18:35 18:55
Rohri Jn 0:50 1:10
Hyderabad Jn 4:43 4:45
Karachi Cant 7:00 End


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