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 In today’s episode of bizarre food items, we present you with Jalebi Manchurian.

Yes, you heard that right. The South Asian traditional dessert combined with authentic Chinese gravy. And there is only one thing going on in our mind right now: How can someone even come up with this?

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The dish is served with warm Jalebi full of sugary syrup with capsicum. The capsicum is golden fried and glazed in the sauce. The final topping ingredient is garlic cloves sauteed in oil. However, the star ingredient in this recipe is the side condiment which is soy sauce. At this point, we think that either this recipe is edible enough or a complete disaster.

The Twitter Reacts

Twitter came forward to respond to this bizarre recipe combined with two different traditional dishes across the borders. Needless to say that no one was even remotely amused with the recipe. Take a look at some of the responses.

The Final Verdict

The Jalebi Manchurian is undoubtedly the weirdest combination we have seen among all. We could even think about trying the Maggi Pani Puri or even Strawberry biryani because it is easy to pick out the veggies from the rice, right? However, this seems a little too far-fetched and makes us wonder how many weird combinations of food we can actually come up with?

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Come to think of it; there are probably a lot of combinations we have not even heard of. The world and humankind have their way of surprising us with even the littlest of things, which brings us to our next question. Are there any people who would be willing to try these recipes? I know someone who will, so maybe you know someone who would like to try them too, and it is the mere curiosity of these people which keeps the thrill alive.

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