strawberry biryani
Image Source: Twitter

Comfort zone is an interesting phenomenon. This zone can be anything relating to your routine, your radius, your food choice, the genres you watch, among other things. While some people try to venture out of their comfort zone and be adventurous, some principles should be respected as well, a case in point being the recently viral Strawberry Biryani.

Strawberry Biryani

Images of the Strawbiryani, or the Strawberry Biryani, were posted on Twitter by a desi. By the wordings of the tweet, it clearly means he was aware of the atrocity he was pulling, so it was a preplanned thing to trigger the masses. Why else would someone mess with the one dish not that just one country but the whole of the sub-continent loves?

Although this doesn’t look like strawberries were added in the cooking process. It seems as if it was added to garnish and take images. The caption for the tweet did read, “… I am curious to know what desi Twitter has to say about it.”

Twitter reacts

Since he actually did ask for it, the desi Twitter gave it to him without any limits. Among other things, Saad, the tweet person, was called out on his desperation of attention-seeking.

Others were just horrified at this; they didn’t have words to express their feelings. Or, they had extremely violent ideas to express them. Let’s not go to that extreme now, shall we?

Some people were good at observing, and even though a picture, you can figure out if something was added after you give dum to biryani or before. So they were quick on picking up that this picture was released into the world to freak others out. In reality, the biryani would not have any taste or smell of the strawberry. Does that make one not offended? Not really.

In the end, people were down to giving Saad advice; that he still has time to delete the post. The time is long past, though. The horrific picture has already circulated all over. It’s time to deal with the aftermath.

Hopefully, no other adventurers would venture out of their comfort zone and play around with biryani.

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