nintendo teaser mario movie
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Hear hear! Mario is officially coming into a movie and it’s being played by some incredible actors. The teaser has gotten fans talking and it has already given people such distinctive Mario vibes. However, are people taking nicely to the upcoming Mario Bros?

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Chris Pratt In The Film

It is him. Mario is played by Chris Pratt in the film. In 2021, co-producer Chris Meledandri stated that Pratt will not perform the stereotypical role of the video game plumber in the unanimated Mario movie. However, Nintendo released a teaser video for The Super Mario Bros. on Thursday, and Pratt sort of revealed the voice he selected.

In all honesty, the eagerly anticipated Pratt as Mario’s voice was a bit disappointing. It has… Perhaps a hint of Italian in the few words Pratt uses? Or is he simply speaking in his usual voice? As he embarks on his Mushroom Kingdom quest, Pratt’s Mario mainly only reacts to losing his breath.

nintendo teaser mario movie
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Ignoring Teething Problems

The overdone, stereotyped voice was definitely not going to be used by Pratt. However, since so little of him can be heard in the teaser, it’s difficult to predict how his Mario will sound. He doesn’t say any of Mario’s well-known catchphrases, such as “Wahoo!” or “It’s me, Mario.” When a lengthier trailer is released, maybe more will be revealed. The animation is more vivid, and there is a better chance to hear some of Jack Black’s terrific Bowser.

Pratt’s voice, or at least what we heard of it, didn’t impress the audience.


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What Does Pratt Have To Say?

In a video clip that precedes the teaser, Pratt discusses how he used to play Mario games on a machine at his local laundry, saying, “It’s been a longtime ambition of mine to be Mario.” That’s good to know, but how that dream will come true is still up in the air.

nintendo teaser mario movie
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Pratt tweeted about the video after it was released, saying, “After years of playing the games as a child (and an adult), I’m thrilled to introduce Mario to all of you. Enjoy!”

What Seems To Be Lacking?

Jack Black as Bowser and Keegan-Michael Key as Toad were indeed revealed in the trailer. However, several fans were dismayed that Seth Rogen’s notorious laugh from the role of Donkey Kong was missing from the clip.

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