ishq e laa
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Hum TV seems to be on a roll with airing hyped dramas one after the other. People were still not quite over the ongoing Aswad-Mehreen chemistry (in fact, the fun is yet to begin), and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s iconic acting in Parizaad. And now, the channel is already gearing up for Ishq e Laa featuring a star-studded cast (Azaan Sami, Sajal Aly, and Yumna Zaidi).

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The recent teaser released for the drama already hints at a storyline that is not your usual, cliched Pakistani drama content. It does not seem to feature the usual saas-bahu drama as its main plot. Instead, it shows an ambitious career-oriented woman in a positive role.

What can we expect

What seems to be the storyline? This question must be on numerous people’s minds. But the recent teaser has given us some idea. If we are right, we are signing up for predicting drama stories with the astrology department.

The drama seems to indicate Azaan Sami will be playing the role of someone belonging to an extremely influential family. The character is very much in love with his wife (played by Sajal). She is a crime reporter (most probably) and raises her voice against people no matter how evil. The relationship looks very mature where even though the husband is protective, she wants to fight her own battles.

One such battle must have led to her death. So, let’s get ready for a story that does not showcase two women and extramarital affairs. Let’s prepare for a story of revenge of an extremely loving husband who will learn to fall in love again; which is where Yumna Zaidi will come in.

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Waiting with fingers crossed

Well, even if we are wrong, we can surely expect great acting skills from Yumna and Sajal. And if Azaan is not that good of an actor, the incredibly talented Sajal and Yumna will surely cover for him. But given he has been given such a huge debut project, he must definitely be qualified. Let’s wait with our fingers crossed because it will indeed be a roller coaster ride for the Pakistani drama fans.

Guess we are all set for our Thursdays with Ishq e Laa and Sundays with Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay.

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