5 Controversial Pakistani Dramas That Actually Made Us Proud

pakistani dramas
Image Source: Dawn Images

We get saddened at the condition of Pakistani dramas featuring the cliched saas-bahu problems. The increased frequency of such tropes makes many think this is all our industry produces. But no, there indeed are some amazing dramas which brought up controversial issues making us proud of our industry.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Udaari

The drama features a man who marries an older woman and rapes her daughter. The mother and daughter fight the case against this man legally and get justice.

2. Chup Raho

This story is about a young girl who gets molested by her sister’s husband. That man keeps threatening her to keep her mouth shut but when she does speak up, even her sister doesn’t believe her.

3. Pyarey Afzal

Even though a controversial writer wrote this one but the drama is super amazing. Why? Because it lets us in on the journey of a man who is forced to become a criminal. But it also shows that a criminal is a criminal who shouldn’t get a happy ending. And hence, in the last scene, he is killed off.

4. Ishq Zah e Naseeb

The Pakistani drama brought forth a psychological illness of multiple personality disorder. The way it is executed is just amazing and the portrayal of the altr ego by Yumnah Zaidi was extraordinary.

5. Khaani

Khaani is a story of a girl who unknowingly falls for her brother’s murderer. But unlike cliched stories where the girl forgives the guy all for love, she chooses not to.

These Pakistani dramas have surely made us proud. Hopefully, in future, the drama creators will continue to give more such dramas even if they continue making saas-bahu on the side.

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