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Western ideology, in recent times, have began appearing all over the world. Concepts such as atheism, feminism, toxicity, have spread all over. However, these words belong to the English language. These words were formed to define the experiences of the people living in that particular culture. While the words can be uttered in Pakistan too, can we really explain the experiences of Pakistanis through these words until they are culturally appropriated?

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Linguistic parameters

With the world having become a global village, the space between continents has contracted. The language spoken in a certain country is accessible and spoken with ease, thousands of miles away. While we may be able to adapt the speaking style and words, does it mean that that language can be completely embraced in the other land? Looking at this science, would Pakistan completely embrace English? For it to be completely embraced, everyone needs to be at the same level of understanding the language. But can they really do that if they have not lived in the West and lived through the experience the western culture sent their way?

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Scattered understanding of western ideology

Considering the words are born from the linguistics of another culture, another language, as it comes to people of a different culture, how much could they relate to it. For instance, there was a time almost everyone would just call themselves atheists because that was a word they learnt and it had to do something with the lack of a higher being. However, here is the thing; they later realized they wanted to be called agnostics.

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Atheist is when “a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God.”

Agnostic is when “a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God.”


This is the same time the word feminism entered the culture too. Now, the word feminism is used for different fights in the West because their experiences are different. But when we began using the same word to define the Aurat March and how our women get killed for the simplest of matters, we saw ultimate backlash. Why? Because the opposite party thought we were fighting for what the western feminists were fighting for.

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So the question is; is scattered understanding of western ideology really making us a true believer of it? Or are we compromising on our existing fights because of it? 

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