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[Update: December 10, 2021]: iOS 15 software launched earlier this year. Since then, it got much hype. Now that 15.2 is about to release, people are bound to explore what it offers and behold because you won’t be disappointed. This feature is the answer to all your worries for every time you had to take your phone and get checked at the repair shop. You would worry because you wouldn’t be able to tell if anything in your phone got altered. And with an iPhone, the expensive product would be rendered worthless if any part was replaced.

To cater to that, the new iOS 15.2 will be able to tell you about all that. After you update the software, you will find a new section under Settings > General > About. It will be called ‘parts and service history’.

This feature does not come in isolation. iPhone 11 when released, came with a warning in case an ingenuine screen was installed. With iPhone XR models, the warning included a battery as well. iPhone 12 and 13 could inform about the genuinity of cameras.

[September 22, 2021]: Apple launched iOS 15 recently and it is all the hype. People are talking about it regardless of whether they can access it or not. Since the update can be installed on a limited number of iPhones, few iPhone users are interested in whether they can even access the update. Meanwhile, others want to know if they will get all the iOS 15 update features or not. Of course, non-iPhone users also are interested, some to acknowledge the new features and others to bash Apple devices.

Let’s look at all the latest features that not everyone would know about at first glance.

Copy text from photo

You can copy text from photos directly. Say goodbye to repeatedly going back to the photos to confirm the text and then typing it manually. Little known fact: The feature is not available on iPhone 7 even though iOS 15 is.

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Apple Maps Updates

iOS users will be able to witness all-new upgraded Apple Maps. They will find 3D landmarks, elevation data, rich labels, road colors, driving directions, and improved night mode. You can also pin your stop if you travel in public transport and Maps will give you live updates for when your ride approaches. Of course, this might not work in Pakistan but it will definitely work in countries with a better mass transit system for the public.

Shared Media 

With the ‘Shared with You’ feature you can look at the details of all the media that were sent to you on group chats or separately. Moreover, there is also a real save button for photos in the chat thread. You can long tap on the media to save it to your library.

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Facetime updates

The best facetime update would be how it can make the background blurry and faded. Not only does it look cool but now, you need not worry about how messy your room may look. All participants in the call will also be visible on a grid view, just like Zoom. There is also an adjustment to the spatial audio. Now, you will get to hear the recipients’ voices from their positions on the screen. Wouldn’t that make your call feel natural?

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Focus Mode

Do Not Disturb has changed to Focus Mode. It will now house an improvised idea for Do Not Disturb. You can categorize your focus according to Work, Sleep, Driving, Personal, and of course Do Not Disturb. What’s interesting is that you can customize all these categories as well. Apart from this, various other Google applications will provide a better user experience on iPhones.

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There were numerous features in talks as well such as the Digital Legacy Program. However, even with us downloading the iOS 15 update, we have not been asked for data that might allow our loved ones to access our accounts upon our death.

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