ios 15.2 with a way to keep data going after death
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Apple is making considerable progress in the technological domain. No matter how they move, they always end up with impressive results. People look forward to their releases because they are robust. When a new iPhone is about to release on the market, a lot of hype surrounds the atmosphere and we get all sorts of leaks and rumors to our ears. That said, Apple is also making updates with every new iOS version. In the latest one, the iOS 15.2, it seems the legacy details feature has arrived!

This feature has been introduced under the banner of future prospects. There is a question that surrounds anyone who is living. It is regarding the data of someone who has passed away. What happens to their data? What happens to their accounts and all that they had? The legacy update allows you to create a few legacy members who can receive all this information upon your demise. They no longer have to go through the hassle-full way of verifying that they are relatives of the deceased.

iOS 15.2 with digital legacy feature
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iOS 15.2 And Data

So, what this update does is that it makes sure your data is accessible to your loved ones before you pass into the world beyond. Instead of the hassle, you can now define a set of legacy individuals and send them legacy keys. When your demise does occur, these specific people can access your Apple accounts and all the data using those keys. Inside the feature of ‘Password and Security’ is the Legacy contact option. From there, you can friends and family whom you trust with your digital legacy.

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It is an ingenious way to make sure you don’t have to leave behind a life with mystery. Your data can be accessed by your loved ones. Additionally, the legacy key can store itself on the legacy contact’s phone, automatically. However, it will not do so if the phone iOS is not updated or the phone is an android device. In such an instance, you can print out a key and send it to them, and they can keep it safe.

iOs update and legacy feature
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Futuristic Technology

This feature update shows us that we have come quite far as a generation. Not only are we purchasing virtual property in the world now, but we are keeping data alive after our death. It is certainly a major bound in the right direction. Maybe we can have people access an A.I version of us after we are dead as well. This way, we are never really gone!

legacy contact and iOS update
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