Internet Goes Wild Over Cereal With Curry Combo

Cereal and curry each offer a unique form of comfort in their own right. Many of us find solace in the simple yet delightful flavors of these dishes, making them regular indulgences. Notably, we savor them separately. While one is a breakfast/ brunch item, the other is specifically catered for lunch/dinner.

However, a recent peculiar viral video surfaced, featuring an individual who dared to blend the two at home and taste the unconventional concoction. While sweet and savory combinations can occasionally prove appetizing, the internet’s reaction to this particular fusion was far from positive. Judging by the multitude of outraged comments, it’s evident that a significant portion of online users vehemently disapproved of the idea.

Take a look at the viral video below.

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In the Instagram reel shared by @foodmakescalhappy, we are presented with two containers within the frame initially. One holds a saucepan filled with a reddish curry featuring meat pieces, while the other displays a bowl of chocolate cereal. The caption of the video reads,

“Let’s savor cereal alongside curry.”

The individual proceeds to blend the two, giving the amalgamation a thorough stir. He then tries this unusual culinary fusion. To our surprise, he liked the combination, as he described it as “pleasant.” Furthermore, in the comments section, he shared his thoughts on why he liked it. “The curry enhances the cereal’s richness and flavor, surpassing the traditional milk option.” He wrote.

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Just like us, people in the comments section were as uncomfortable. Many shared their opinion and asked the user to take down the video while others shared their thoughts in the form of angry and crying emoticons.

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