Subway has dropped a bombshell on its consumers after a price hike in its regular products. Now customers can get a mini Subway for Rs 300 and it is certainly not worth the quantity or money.

Subway Launches A ‘Mini Sub’

Inflation has taken a hit on the public as well as the brands. Trying to keep up with the quality and consumer demand has become a dilemma for chain restaurants that import their ingredients from abroad.

In light of such instances, brands are obligated to come up with strategies to satisfy their consumers amidst running their businesses efficiently. In a similar instance, Subway Pakistan has launched a new product by the name of ‘Mini Sub’.

The mini-sub which costs Rs 300 is the mini version of a regular 6-inch Subway. While the decision must have been taken to satisfy the customers after a price hike of the regular Subway, Twitter is simply not amused.

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Twitter Reacts To The Mini Subway 

Twitter’s reaction to the mini Subway is downright hilarious and saddening. Since these chains are good options for workers and students to grab something on the go, trying to upkeep with the ongoing inflation is something that we all need to be aware of.

A delicious Samosa can be found under Rs 300 but our question is ‘What to do with the Subway cravings which cannot ever be satisfied with a samosa?’

Meanwhile, Twitter is also questioning the reason why Subway hasn’t shut down in Pakistan already like other big franchises.

What are your thoughts on Subway Pakistan’s latest addition to their menu? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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