The buzz around town over the long weekend was all about the Coke Fest 2018 being held in Lake City Lahore.

The event started off with a bang, with delicious food stalls, mind-blowing musical performances and the unveiling of the glorious Fifa World Cup Trophy!

Amongst all the food stalls at the happening event, Innovative biscuits caught the attention of visitors causing quite the stir at the Festival.

Innovative Biscuits Bring Free Icecream Sandwich Bar at Coke Fest!

For the first time, Pakistanis were introduced to the ice-cream sandwich concept.

The excitement doubled when customers could pick and choose as per their liking and make their own customized sandwich at the bar using scrumptious Innovative biscuits, their favorite ice-cream flavor, and numerous delicious toppings.

This looks absolutely delicious. We’re sure you want one too!

The DIY ice-cream sandwich bar was just the beginning, what came next totally shocked the visitors!

Imagine getting compliments from a screen and later finding out it was a celebrity! Dreams do come true! The funny-man Vasay Chaudhry was hidden at the booth and visitors that interacted with the screens at the stall received a compliment from him.To add to the surprise, he popped out surprising them all!

People received the sweetest shock of their lives all thanks to Innovative Biscuits.

The fun at the stall did not end there, the greatest buzz was created by the flying drones that dropped gifts out of the blue on extremely happy people! Wow! Wouldn’t you be amazed if you received a free giveaway from a drone?

Oh, the beautiful wonders of technology!

This was the first ever drone sampling done in Pakistan by Innovative biscuits.

Beautiful moments were captured by the Innovative team. Visitors absolutely fell in love with the unique concept from the DIY sandwich bar, the celebrity booth and finally, the giveaway carrying drones added a cherry on top.

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