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Popular Sindhi anthem ‘Dila Teer Bija’ by Shabana Noshi was recently played in a club in Hyderabad, India.

This happened after the Indian actor Nasser Uddin Shah claimed that the Sindhi language is not spoken in Pakistan anymore. His statement was met with a lot of criticism from people across the border and many Pakistani celebrities and stars addressed the claim directly.

In a recent turn of events, a very famous anthem for one of the top political parties in Pakistan which was sung in Sindhi was played in the club of India and people were seen grooving to the music.

Take a look at the video below

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Dila Teer Bija Supremacy 

Dila Teer Bija is an anthem not just contained to political events. The song is often played at Sindhi cultural events or Sindhi weddings as well. The upbeat music makes it impossible for anyone not to dance or move to the beat. Hence, this song has easily become a favorite of even those who don’t support the political party it belongs to.

Netizens on Twitter shared their thoughts and views on the song. Many were amused to see it playing in India, meanwhile, others mentioned that this song is the only good thing to come out of Pakistani politics.

One Twitter user talked about the popularity of this song in Hyderabad, India as he proceeded to mention that even though it is a major hit it is highly unlikely that people know the backstory of the song.

Meanwhile, others took a dig at Naseer Uddin Shah by telling him how Sindhi is still very much alive.

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