Pakistani Actor Ahad Raza Mir is set to Feature in Hollywood Web Series on the Second World War. Heartthrob and popular Pakistani slash Canadian actor and model Ahad Raza Mir is set to make an appearance in another Hollywood production, this time in a web series centered around the events of the Second World War. The last time he appeared on Hollywood television was when he was a part of the famous Netflix series Resident Evil.

Image Source: Variety

World On Fire 2 

Sources say that Ahad Raza Mir will portray the character of Rajab, the leader of the British Indian troops, in the upcoming Hollywood web series titled “World on Fire 2”.The highly anticipated series, spanning six episodes, will delve into the backdrop of the Second World War, with German Luftwaffe pilots causing havoc in the skies of Manchester. The first season of the series, consisting of seven episodes, narrated the story of the war’s initial year, beginning with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and culminating in the Battle of Britain.

Ahad Raza Mir recently shared a glimpse of his character in “World on Fire 2” on social media, receiving an enthusiastic response from his fans. The talented actor has received congratulations from his colleagues for continuously achieving new milestones. The second part of the series recreating the devastating impact of the war on Britain, Nazi Germany-occupied France, and the deserts of Africa has no announced air date right now but Ahad Raza Mir’s fans are very much excited. All we know is that it can release in October.

The first installment of “World on Fire” was released in 2019 and garnered significant popularity from viewers.

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