Hareem Shah

Popular TikTok star, Hareem Shah, continues to talk negatively about Fayaz-ul-Hassan Chohan. The social media sensation who was once supposed to be quite close to him, has threatened to leak his indecent videos in case he doesn’t stop mentioning her online.

Shah picks the former provincial lawmaker as her third target after threatening Rana Sanaullah and Maulana Fazl ur Rehman. She labeled Chohan a traitor and threatened to reveal his truth to his family and the public in a video message shared on Twitter.

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Hareem Shah’s Video Message 

The TikToker claimed in the video that while in the past she always covered for Chohan, those days are over and she will come forward if the latter ever directly or indirectly names her. Before concluding the video, Shah warned the former PTI leader not to mess with her because she still has all the proof she needs to expose him in front of the world.

“Fayaz ul Hassan Chohan I have always kept information about you private and have never before made it known with the intention of revealing who you are to the outside world.”

“I did so because I never had intended to embarrass you and I never had wanted to open my lips about you intending to divulge your secrets in front of the world.” She added.

She also mentioned that it is between her and God how dirty of a person the politician is. Meanwhile, she also advised him to stay faithful to his wife and devote his life to his family.

If social media wasn’t enough Shah has come to the forefront of political controversies after threatening politicians one after the other. However, whether it is just wordplay or she actually has all those proofs, only time will tell!

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