India Trolled For Losing Touch With Reality, Awards Abhinandan Vir Chakra

abhinandan and being awarded and trolled
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No matter how much a piece of news tries to be authentic, it does not always turn out that way. Sooner or later, it is found out to be false or undeserving just like that of Abhinandan allegedly shooting down a Pakistani jet. For that, according to sources, IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman has just been awarded the accolade of Vir Chakra. Of course, we are all aware of the reality of that situation.

In 2019, an Indian pilot was shot down over the border, who ended up in Pakistan. He was then captured and taken to the Pakistan forces. After treating him with the utmost respect, and offering him a cup of tea, he was sent back. This was done as a sign of goodwill and a friendly gesture.

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Abhinandan And Accolades

However, it seems that India has decided to use this action, of ours, against us as well. We are not saying anything about the deserving accolade itself. We are talking about what that accolade is being given for. It is clearly false news, as many Twitter trolls have stated. In fact, the truth states that two Indian planes were shot down. Abhinandan was in one of them.

To receive an accolade for something that they have made up truly calls for some trolling. How can an accolade be awarded under false pretenses? It would make much more sense if they had proof to back up their claim. If an F16 was shot down, where is the salvage? Where is any proof of what would have been a wrecked plane?

The Trolling Continues

The news has, since then, spread across the internet and has caused quite a rift. Where people, from across the borders are defending it, Pakistanis are trolling it. They mean to say that this accolade might not be deserving because the reason for it is not so crystal clear.

We hope that the error of their ways is seen and they decide to make something of this news that has now gone viral.

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