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Senior executives of Amazon India are facing charges for the smuggling of marijuana. Indian police arrested two men for almost 20kg of marijuana in their possession. The incident took place on November 14th. With further investigation into the matter, the Madhya Pradesh state police filed charges against Amazon’s executives. They did not reveal, however, how many executives were charged for the crime.

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The marijuana smuggling case

It was revealed that this case, where 20kg of marijuana was caught, was not in isolation. Buyers and sellers were trading marijuana under the name of stevia leaves, a natural sweetener. In this way, they had smuggled marijuana in numerous states all over the country.

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The smugglers had done a business of selling almost 1,000 kg of marijuana. The trade led to revenue of $148,000 (almost PKR 26 million or INR 1.1 crore). This should have led to only the sellers getting the end of the stick since Amazon has a strict policy against the sale of prohibited drugs. However, the authorities, it seems, found a discrepancy in the documentation. When the police asked Amazon questions regarding the matter, the employees sent documents. But the information in the documents does not add up. As a result, in line with the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, the executives were filed in the said crime.

In response to the ongoing matter, Amazon has come forward to say that it has strict protocol against selling prohibited items. Considering marijuana is amongst prohibited products, we will have to see what strict action they take.

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Amazon India said: “The issue was notified to us and we are currently investigating it.”

Seeing action on this matter and the case involving Shahrukh Khan’s son, it is clear that India is coming hard on the matter of drugs.

Amazon – the eCommerce brand

The American multinational technology company, Amazon has established itself in every stronghold everywhere, from e-commerce and cloud computing to digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, this company has not yet settled its roots in Pakistan which is why the citizens still have to take longer routes to get Amazon products. They have their acquaintances around the world make the purchase and then have it delivered to Pakistan through other means.

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