power banks with fast charging and what to know
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The world of energy has quite a lot to offer to us. We are, in fact, headed towards a whole new era. Where combustion engines were all the rage, electric vehicles are going to take their place. No matter what area we look at, energy and power have a role to play one way or another. To have charged smartphones with us everywhere, we were introduced to power banks. They have the ability to keep your device charged even after it has run out. The higher the capacity, the more times you can charge your device. Now, we have progressed towards fast-charging power banks too!

There is a company deep at work within this area. It goes by the name of Elecjet. They have recently come up with a new type of power bank which can charge in less than half an hour! Yes, most power banks would take at least 2-3 hours to charge but this one can achieve it at five times the speed. So, why is it that this company’s Apollo Ultra bank can charge so fast and efficiently as compared to the rest of them?

elecjet and fast charging powerbanks
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Fast charging power bank

The Elecjet Apollo Ultra is the power bank to beat all the rest. It has enhanced capabilities that can function at a level higher than any of the competitors. Most of them don’t even hold a flame to this one. It is definitely a fast-charging power bank that can last for a long time. Not just that, if you are in a lot of hurry, it can charge the smartphone enough to run several hours. It can do this in just seven minutes! That is beyond impressive.

What is one of the most interesting parts about this device is that it uses Graphene batteries instead of lithium ones. Not only is graphene more robust, but they also have twice as many safety nets built within, to make sure the user and their device remain unharmed. That said, we urge you to check this device out because it has functionality far beyond what most companies have achieved.

powerbanks and fast ones
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Charging As A Necessity

In this day and age of constant usage of technological devices, charging has become essential. We cannot leave our devices charging for long because we have to use them quite frequently. Due to the invention of Elecjet’s Apollo Ultra, the charging time has been reduced. It has a capacity of 10,000mAh and the ability to charge at 100W. That is quite a high number and impressive on its own.

Alongside this, it can charge more than one device at a time, on two different output cables. It has over 2500 life cycles and its batteries are the best ones. As opposed to Lithium batteries, these Graphene batteries get the job done much quicker. The current price of this product is $69 and can be purchased from Indiegogo.

powerbanks by elecjet coming
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