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[Update October 6th, 2021]: After intense social media movement in favor of Gibrail’s wrongful expulsion, it came to light that IBA has finally rescinded the expulsion.

Of course, this comes as positive news and may serve as encouragement for anyone else who has to speak up against wrongdoing. However, one cannot help but wonder if Gibrail will have an easy time at IBA now, or not. He was supposed to graduate in only 2 months. Will people take revenge by making his life difficult or who knows, maybe fail him in a few courses? This question is such only time can answer.

[September 30th, 2021]: Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi is currently under the spotlight for expelling a student. The student, Gibrail, had raised his voice on social media about the harassment incident he witnessed on the IBA premises. For this reason that the authorities called maligning the institute’s reputation, the Dean, Registrar, and Chairman DC signed away on his expulsion. The news of IBA expelling a student has, hence, been trending. But why?

Delving further on the matter, it turns out that Gibrail had witnessed the incident on August 25th. He raised the issue through email which he did not get a response on. After which, he decided to take the matter to social media, where it got instant virality. Overnight, IBA was being called out for not taking action. But it directly resulted in the IBA student’s expulsion just two months before his graduation.

Gibrail – Journey to IBA 

One could assume that belonging to IBA, being expelled might not be that much of an issue; that the student can always make a comeback. However, he was not your usual privileged IBA student. He was one who had gotten where he was after much struggle. Gibrail belongs to Lakki Marwat. He was a star student, getting above 90% in both matriculate and intermediate examinations. With this track record, he was able to study on scholarship at the institute.

But he was not one to be quietened just because he was on scholarship. At witnessing wrong, he chose to speak up. He spoke up through email as the rulebook says.

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The harassment incident

It is hard for a victim to speak in such a case but with Gibrail’s support, the victim also submitted a complaint. It is alleged that the Anti-Harassment Committee told her to find another witness to prove her claim because they would be ‘dealing’ with Gibrail. Did they mean they would have him expelled? That is a question for IBA to answer but they do claim that Gibrail’s expulsion is not linked to whistleblowing on harassment. They claim that it is all because he violated the code of conduct which says that he maligned the institute as well as the employee (the harasser).

Talking to a local publication, Gibrail said that he will not bow his head or apologize because he is not in the wring. Even after IBA expels students, Gibrail’s resolve is absolute. If only we would get more courageous people like him in the world.

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This incident does not come as a surprise, however. Three years ago, another publication reported a similar incident but was not given too much light. It was about a professor who allegedly harassed a student. However, instead of taking proper action, the professor was allowed to respectfully resign.

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