IBA Successfully Installs Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines
Source: Daily Times

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) gladly announced the installation of four Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines across both of its campuses in Karachi, recently. Amidst the melancholy of the disastrous monsoon rainfall, the news brought smiles to the faces of hundreds of students and was received with sighs of contentment and gratification.

Proud IBA Alumnus

Celebrating the initiative taken by the Institute of Business Administration to facilitate the female student body, a proud IBA alumnus posted a screenshot of the email on LinkedIn that he had received from Dr. Nida Aslam Khan, the Patron of IBA Students’ Council (ISC). The proud IBA graduate expressed his admiration and appreciation for his institute openly on the public platform.

Have a look at the email

IBA Successfully Installs Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines!
Image Source: LinkedIn

The email was sent out to the entire student body notifying the students about the placement of “Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines” at the following places in IBA:

  • Adamjee Building Girls Washroom – IBA Main Campus
  • Students’ Centre Girls Washroom – IBA Main Campus
  • Girls Hostel Washroom
  • Faysal Bank Building Girls Washroom – IBA City Campus

Through her email, Dr. Nida conveyed how keeping her promise and making sanitary napkins available for students’ convenience made her feel accomplished and honored.

Thank you, Dr. Nida, for making this possible, and Congratulations to the entire IBA Community!

All Hail, Amna Kashmiri

As per the email, Amna Kashmiri had requested for the provision of menstrual hygiene supplies for female students at IBA during her tenure as the General Secretary of IBA Students’ Council in 2018. IBA-ians are proud of her!

IBA Has Made Us Proud

The Institute of Business Administration has indeed taken a much-needed step towards not only facilitating but also empowering its female students. Making sanitary napkins readily available for female students on campus does not only promote students’ convenience, but it also indicates the cultivation of a more inclusive and protective environment for the women of IBA.

Being a passionate advocate of women empowerment, Team Brandsynario urges all educational institutes across the nation to take such steps and make menstrual hygiene products available for all.

We need to eliminate the stigma attached to menstruation and provide a comfortable environment for our ladies to blossom throughout the day. It’s about time we stamp out anything that restricts their progress, be it in educational institutes or at workplaces.

Are you as proud of IBA as we are? What are your thoughts on the installation of sanitary napkin vending machines in workplaces and at educational institutes nationwide? Let us know in the comment section below.

We are proud of IBA for taking a step forward and championing women empowerment across both of its campuses in Karachi.

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