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Choosing medicine as a profession might not be an issue for most women but following the career path sure is. Meanwhile, it is further proven by statistics that every 1 out of 4 women pursues their career professionally.

The question was raised by Humayun Saeed on a social media platform. He shared his views about the whole situation and questioned whether now is the time to think about a new project to highlight the issue.

Taking to his Twitter the Humayun Saeed shared,

“Disappointed to find out that only 1 out of 4 female doctors practice after graduation in Pakistan because of family pressure. Thinking of a new project, maybe to highlight this issue. Let’s encourage women to pursue their dreams. #DoctorBahu,” he wrote.

The Label-Doctor Bahu

The doctors in our society are not just doctors, they are running labels that meet just the eyes. However, when it comes to female doctors the issue is more pertinent. The doctor bahu is one of the most demanding labels people look for while Rishta hunting. That too is only for women to leave their jobs and work as a house-wife after the marriage.

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The demand for women as doctors is more up and running in the right circles than in actual hospitals.

Netizens React

Netizens took to Twitter to share their views regarding the situation. They mentioned how it is more than just the inlaws choice and women sometimes are also responsible for making a choice otherwise.

“My aunt, mbbs graduate from Fatimah Jinnah medical University, a gold medalist, married to a doctor obviously, settled in America, but never ever did her medical job after marriage and that too willingly. She had the option but she choose to be a housewife in America.” One wrote.

This is one link of the chain where women are more than capable of doing the job but they choose to not do it. Sounds like a problem? It sure is for people who work day and night to get enrolled in medical universities and ends up not getting a seat.

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What’s even more problematic is the fact women are expected to do all the chores and take on full responsibility for their households after devoting years to get a degree.

While it’s good to see people who are finally recognising this as a problem, the question is whether making a project on the issue brings any awareness to society?

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