Huawei Patents Smartphone With 3D Camera For Skin Health Analysis

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Recently, Huawei has published a paten. It allows a triple-camera smartphone to capture 3D images to perform accurate facial and skin analysis.

The phone is capable of accurately measuring faces and evaluating skin health from a portrait photo or a selfie taken with its main camera.

The 3D Technology 

For a better understanding of patent technology, a well-known concept designer Technizo Concept has created a fresh set of renders of the Huawei smartphone based on 3D camera patent information. With his efforts, the creator makes it easy for us to understand the technology.

According to renders, the rear side of the Huawei phone has a giant circular camera module equipped with a triple camera system, sensor, and LED flashlight. However, the two camera lenses are horizontally perpendicular to each other. While the third is situated in the middle with equal distance from both cameras.

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Inside the camera system, there is a screen that can display a preview or a viewfinder. It can view different scores including skin and pore scores. Also, tips and recommendations will allow you to improve your posture.

As per the information, the camera system is able to provide information about your pores, wrinkles, acne, blackheads, color spots, red region, dark eyes, or a combination of these. In addition to this, users can also analyze the depth and size of the pores.

After the phone is finished analyzing your skin, it would notify you of how you can improve your skin health. You can also send the analysis to someone else by email or a messaging service

Currently, the details about Huawei’s patent technology for mass production are not available. However, the skin and health functions are becoming an important part of smartphones and wearables so finding the feature is not out of question.

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