covid-19 digital vaccination pass app
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Pakistan’s national structure is on the up and up when it comes to becoming digitalized. Now NCOC has created an app to help facilitate people with their vaccination certificates. Thanks to the app, the digital COVID-19 vaccination pass will be with you at all times.

NCOC’s Latest Development

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) collaborated with the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) to launch an app. The app is called ‘Pak Covid-19 Vaccination Pass App’. The link will take you to the app store from where you can download it!

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The app allows each user to easily download the Covid vaccination certificate from the Nadra website to their phones. 

Why Has It Been Created?

The app making us all surprised has been developed for many reasons. Firstly, it is to facilitate people in carrying their digital Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Since the usual does not download on phone, many get it printed. Moreover, the Pak Covid-19 Vaccination Pass App will also help identify fake vaccination certificates.

covid-19 digital vaccination pass app
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How To Get Yours?

The NHS ministry officials also helped people in how to get the app working. They said the app could firstly be downloaded from Playstore. Following that, people will be able to obtain a pass by entering their computerised national identity card (CNICs) numbers.

covid-19 digital vaccination pass app
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“The pass can be downloaded and people will be able to show or send it to relevant authorities. Foreigners, vaccinated in Pakistan, can download the pass by entering their passport and vaccination certificate numbers,” the official added.

Why Was This Important?

The digital certificate is the only official proof of Covid-19 vaccination and it has become mandatory for domestic and international travelling. The QR code that the app gives can be verified on spot and allow the people through. 

covid-19 digital vaccination pass app
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The NCOC has officially announced earlier this week that complete Covid-19 vaccination certificates would become mandatory for air travel after September 10. This is to speed up the vaccination process. Following September 10th, partial vaccination certification will become invalid.

The interval between the first and second doses of all brands of vaccines has also been reduced from 42 days to 28 days now. This decision was also made in consultation with the Ministry of Health and medical experts. In other news, the NCOC has also confirmed that only vaccinated individuals would be allowed to travel by train from October 1.

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