information overload escape
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Information overload is an experience many of us share simply because of our time. It’s 2022, technology is reigning and everybody is glued to their screens. Each time you sit in front of the screen, you learn something. This can be mesmerizing for some and for a while however, after some time, you’ll be suffering from information overload which doesn’t help anybody. Here’s how to avoid it:

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What Is Information Overload?

Information overload is a term that was coined in the mid-1960s by an American scientist. According to the scientist, a man or machine can go through this. This is when the input to the subject exceeds its input capacity. Fast forward to us, a study in 2011 found that Americans were taking in five times as much information as they had 25 years earlier on a typical day. 

information overload escape
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Why Is It Bad For Us?

Information overload is not as good as it seems. Yes, you can always learn something new and knowing too much won’t make you smarter; it can sometimes be counterproductive. Your productivity can slow down as a result. Besides that, you may even take longer to make decisions because you’re confused and overwhelmed by all the information.

information overload escape
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Information overload shuts our brains down in simple terms— learn in the right amount and be productive and you’ll be great. However, stuff your brain with knowledge and you’ll be suffering.

How Do WE Avoid This?

Information overload can be avoided in a few simple ways.

The first thing you can do is ensure you have non-screen time on some days of the week or sometime during the day. Completely cutting out the screens, be it TV, laptop or phone, enables you to relax and be away from the information bombardment.

information overload escape
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Spend more time outside! Connecting with nature again and focusing on the daily sights of the day is important. It keeps your head in a neutral space where you feel relaxed. As a result, even when information overload may come at you, you can be in a more stable position to fight it.

It all comes down to prioritizing what sort of information do you want? Once you have that sorted, cut down on excess sources of information. Also, set some times during the day or week where you consume further information. 

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