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Update: Honda Atlas has hiked the prices for their cars by PKR 85,000. The new rates are effective of 1st April onwards.

The price of more than 10 cars have been increased. These cars are as follows:

  • 1.8L VTI CVT – Current Price: PKR 3,134,000 – New Price: To be announced
  • 1.8L VT SR CVT – Current Price: PKR 3,299,000 – New Price: To be announced
  • 1.3L MT – Current Price: PKR 1,854,000 – New Price: PKR 1,919,000
  • 1.3L AT – Current Price: PKR 1,994,000 – New Price: PKR 2,059,000
  • 1.5 MT – Current Price: PKR 1,914,000 – New Price: PKR 1,979,000
  • 1.5 AT – Current Price: PKR 2,054,000 – New Price: PKR 2,119,000
  • 1.5L Aspire MT – Current Price: PKR 2,064,000 – New Price: PKR 2,134,000
  • 1.5L Aspire AT – Current Price: PKR 2,204,0000 – New Price: PKR 2,274,000
  • BR-V MT – Current Price: PKR 2,234,000 – New Price: PKR 2,234,000
  • BR-V CVT – Current Price: PKR 2,384,000 – New Price: PKR 2,434,000
  • BR-V 5 CVT – Current Price: PKR 2,484,000 – New Price: PKR 2,569,000

honda price list april 2019

Honda Atlas has increased the price-tag for their Civic variants following in the steps of Indus Motors Company.

Honda Civic models have jumped by approximately 11.5% due to the newly introduced federal excise duty (FED) on cars of over 1700cc capacity as well as the depreciation of the Rupee to Dollar.

Express Tribune got in touch with Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited Chief Financial Officer Ahmad Umair Wajid confirmed the news by saying:

Yes, we have increased prices. We have changed prices of our Civic variants in the 1800cc category only…due to the imposition of 10% FED – he added

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A notification was also circulated by the automotive brand reading, “as per the second amendment of Finance Supplementary Bill 2019, the government of Pakistan has announced the implementation of federal excise duty at 10% on locally manufactured cars and SUVs of above 1,700 cc capacity. With the FED implementation and passing a part of Forex (rupee depreciation against the US dollar and other major world currencies)”,

The ex-factory price of the 1.8L i-VTEC Civic is PKR 3,134,000 while the 1.8 Oriel version is PKR 3,299,000. Those who wish to have navigation and leather seats will have to pay up PKR 74,500 more for navigation and PKR 59,500 for leather seats.

New prices have now been effective from 11th March onwards.

Stay tuned to Brandsynario for more news and updates.

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