H&M Is Now Selling A Kurta
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We often have come across brands trying to replicate different cuts and styles. However, it isn’t every day when you get to experience a whole different aesthetics. We are confused as to whether to call it inspiration on plagiarism. Meanwhile, there are so many things we can relate to with the look, and Pakistanis are mentioning everything possible.

H&M Kurta Look 

H&M has released a chocolate brown kurta shalwar in its latest collection. While the name is a little fancier – a jersey shirt dress, it reminds us of nothing less than a kurta a typical brown uncle wears in Pakistan. The front open shirt with buttoned places might be something new for the foreigners. The Pakistanis know how to capture the true essence of the look. While the shirt costs somewhere near PKR 6,000, we can get it made for much less here in Pakistan. Moreso, netizens are also pointing out all the things missing which can ultimately complete the look.

What Is Missing From The Look

While Pakistanis reacted to the absurdity and questioned the brand’s creativity, they also made sure to add in all the little details that would complete the look.

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“If they wanted to be authentic they could have made the model put their hands behind their back.” One user wrote that a classic brown uncle is always seen strolling with his hands behind his back ( you might have seen at least one in your vicinity).

“Even the pose with the hands together in front…iconic.” ICONIC indeed.

“I hope the shoes were slightly uncomfortably wet. For full effect.” This might sound not comforting, but we know that it is true.

Lack Of Creativity Or Laziness?

At the same time, some people also mentioned how the brands are simply mooching off different designs and ideas instead of being creative.

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While fast fashion high street brands Zara and H&M are trying more eastern cuts, now is the time to support local brands that give their day and night to come up with unique designs and establish their businesses. Meanwhile, suppose the western brands are willing to copy the look. In that case, they should give them due credit to the culture because we all know how a dress is different from a kurta, and giving the name of clothing to a kurta won’t necessarily turn it into one.

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