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Coke Studio season 14 has been everything amazing and then some. With each song, more fans were being added to the studio’s base whilst the old fans were becoming more strongly associated. The result? A family of people coming together over music, their diverse cultures and videos even that pack a punch. In all of this, YouTube was acting as a silent spectator but not any longer.

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Coke Studio’s Subscribers

Coke Studio has amassed 10 million subscribers through this season. The season included hits like Pasoori, Thagyan, Tu Jhoom, Peechay Hutt, and Muaziz Saarif that featured some of the hottest singers and music producers. These hits have become so popular within the country and even outside that the subscriber rate massively shot up.

youtube ceo coke studio
Image Source: Youtube

While we don’t know the subscriber number before, we do know that the number hasn’t stopped at 10 million too.

YouTube’s CEO’s Message

This definitely got the attention of YouTube’s CEO herself. She wrote a note appreciating Coke Studio’s charm and efforts that have brought them to this level. The note reads at one million she and her team were impressed for sure. However, at 10 million, they’re all confused! How did they do that? She added a fact that puts this into perspective: 10 million is more than the population of New York.

She adds that now, they are no longer just a music place or a channel. Through this, they have become a movement by touching a nerve in the world, not just in Pakistan.

youtube ceo coke studio
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What Did They Get?

Aside from appreciation and recognition from the CEO herself, they also got an award. The award is also mentioned in the appreciation letter. YouTube awarded Coke Studio the ‘Diamond Creator Award’ to extend their appreciation fully and to add to the accolades of the studio.

youtube ceo coke studio
Image Source: Youtube

For sure, this season, everybody and their expectations have been knocked out. Will the next season live up to this or take it even beyond? We don’t know the answer yet but we can tell you, we’re so excited to find out.

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