submarine cable internet connection
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Were you infuriated with your internet connection last night? Did you keep on rebooting your internet device and cursing the internet provider? You were not alone. People all over, regardless of the service they were using, faced glitches in the connection.

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Bad internet connection: Here’s why 

PTA took to their official Twitter account the news of the fault and provided the reasoning for it as well. It turns out that there was a fault in the submarine cable. The submarine cable was near Fujairah, UAE. Repair work was immediately initiated on the faulty part of the cable. According to PTA, almost an hour ago, the relevant authorities were still working on the service to make it fully operational.

So, hold your horses, people! Show some loyalty. Before changing internet providers, take a breath because it is quite possible the line you are shifting to also had the glitch.

Of course, the worst part is that this problem affected Pakistan more because apparently, the internet connection in UAE even then was faster.

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