toyota tesla self-driving cars
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Toyota is a renowned household name when it comes to automobiles and we already know Tesla is for the ultra-rich only. So how can they both possibly come together? The answer to that lies in a common goal: to create self-driving cars with a cheaper price tag. Here’s the latest on this partnership:

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How Are The Cars Being Developed?

Toyota reported that it is attempting to use low-cost cameras to collect data for self-driving cars. The cameras will aid the automobile in effectively training its self-driving system. This cheap camera is being considered a “breakthrough” because it might just bring these cars into the mainstream.

toyota tesla self-driving cars
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Until now, the problem was gathering diverse driving data using a massive fleet of cars. It is critical to do so to develop a self-driving car system however, that is extremely costly. Moreover, it is not scalable to test autonomous vehicles with expensive sensors.

It is reported that Tesla has been betting on cameras to collect data from over 1 million vehicles on the road as research. On the other hand, Alphabet’s Waymo and other self-driving car firms have chosen to add expensive sensors like lidars to their self-driving cars. 

The Advantage of The Partnership

Toyota added that this collaboration intends to show a lot. It is trying to show that the advantage of Toyota and a large automaker coming together is huge. There is a huge database coming together but with a much smaller cost. They are using cameras that are 90% cheaper than the sensors used before. They can also be easily installed on all cars.

toyota tesla self-driving cars
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The Changes This Is Creating

Collecting data through these low-cost cameras is believed to be improving the system’s performance. The difference in the system when the system was trained exclusively on high-cost sensor data and now is believed to be extremely small.

toyota tesla self-driving cars
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However, Toyota is still going to use multiple sensors such as lidars and radars for robotaxis and other autonomous vehicles to be used on the road. This is how the two are bringing their strengths to the table for the betterment of the automobile industry.

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