planes ashtrays
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TikTok went wild recently as a flight attendant shared airline’s well-kept secret. Why do planes still have an ashtray even if smoking is banned on flights? Read all about the secret reason why ashtrays are hidden in planes still:

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What Happened?

On TikTok, a flight attendant explains why ashtrays are still present on airplanes despite the fact that smoking has been prohibited on board since 1988. Think about it: there are lit signs above the seats, a safety demonstration before takeoff that warns you that tampering with smoke detectors is against the law. There is a sign on the restroom door, and an ashtray immediately beneath that warning.

planes ashtrays
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Even more recently, aircrafts still have ashtrays integrated into the toilet doors despite the long-standing ban. 

Canadian Flight Attendant Answers Questions

Using the handle @flyingkaylee on TikTok, Kaylee, also known as Kaylee on the app, presents herself as a Canadian flight attendant who is willing to answer any questions regarding her position in her bio.

planes ashtrays
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The root cause she says is because, well, people don’t always follow the rules. Ashtrays are still provided on flights in case a passenger wishes to smoke in the restroom. Many do not listen to the restriction. The airlines place these there to put out the cigarette securely. An in-flight fire might begin if a lighted cigarette is thrown into the trash can in the restroom. Another flight attendant also added, “The reason is that people will attempt to breach the regulations. Instead than hiding their smokes in a tiny nook and creating a fire hazard, we prefer that people use ashtrays”.

The Planes and Hiding Ashtrays

The commenter continued by pointing out that bathrooms also have smoke detectors, making it incredibly challenging to sneak a cigarette during flight. In case someone still tries, a sudden, loud alarm could generate panic. However, airplane smoke detectors also don’t operate in a conventional manner; instead, they alert the staff.

planes ashtrays
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These people are not smart if they are smoking in the washroom. “They’re breaking a fire danger rule [on] a plane.”

Airlines should exercise caution for several valid reasons. On a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in 1973, 123 passengers perished when the captain attempted an emergency landing after the cabin started to smoke. The alleged reason? the cigarette.

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