Here's Why Pakistanis Are Comparing Meesha Shafi To Nasir Khan Jan
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Meesha Shafi has been in the spotlight for a few days ever since she released her new single ‘Hot Mango Chutney sauce.’ The song is an ode to who we are as individuals while shedding light on our heritage and culture. The song has a not so conventional name regardless. It offers a catchy beat that you can’t get out of your mind.

Meesha is known for her bold fashion looks. She has always managed to make a statement at different award shows and events. Her latest music video is being appraised for incorporating traditional schemes and cuts, which brings about the video’s colourful looks and aesthetics.

Meesha Gets A New Haircut 

Meesha took to her Instagram to share a new hair look. She has chopped her hair short and look unrecognisable. It seems like it was a much-needed break from her elaborated hair and makeup routine from the latest music video. She updates the picture with a caption for her fans.

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I chopped off my hair ✂️
And the Afghan genes are not holding back.”  

Pakistani’s were quick to point out something and that’s how much she resembles Nasir Khan Jan in the picture.

Take a look at some of the things people had to say.

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Someone even mentioned the Alizeh Shah’s look and didn’t forget to mention that.

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Nasir Khan’s Hairstyle 

Nasir Khan’s hairstyle seems to be the latest trend in the fashion industry because his hairstyle gets mentioned a lot. This is not the first time his hairstyle is being compared. However, previously he was the one who accused a celebrity of recreating his hairstyle. Nasir Khan took to his social media to mention that Alizeh shah had copied his hairstyle. He then said that he has no issue with it since celebrities can copy each other’s looks.

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