Nasir Khan Accuses Alizey Shah Of Copying His Hairstyle
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What happens when you get access to social media without the expertise and knowledge? You fall into a loophole of seeking validation through means which are relatively temporary and unconventional. However, this can also take a drastic turn if you do not know what to do. Social media is like a drug that adds fuel to the fire in the quest of becoming a star. One move and you become an overnight sensation. But what if you become a self-proclaimed celebrity only to get ridiculed by the trolls on social media, hashtag Nasir Khan Jan. Is it all worth it?

Nasir Khan Jan & His Accusations 

Nasir Khan is one of those social media stars who got famous by not-so-decent maneuvers. One blatant move led him to become an overnight social media sensation, which died down soon enough, yet the self-proclaimed celebrity thinks otherwise.

Nasir Khan took to his social media to share his concerns about Alizeh Shah copying his hairstyle. Well, if Alizeh was not getting enough attention for her hairstyle already, he sure has added another detail to it. At the same time, he thinks that this kind of stuff is common among celebrities and seems to be letting it go.

Co-incidence Or Attention Seeking? 

Looking at the picture closely, it does seem like that he tried to take a jab at the actress by recreating the hairstyle. Nothing less can be expected knowing that he is famous for his mindless posts.

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A few days ago, Nasir Khan took to his social media to announce the news of his marriage. He also shared the pictures from his events and later deleted them due to family issues. However, by that time, the images were all over social media.

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