cadbury sign language
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Cadbury has always been crowd-favorite chocolate however, now they not only have won more hearts but they’re widening their consumer base. They have created a special campaign in which they highlight the struggles of the deaf. Have a look at what it’s all about and why it’s the best thing you’ll see today!

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What’s Going On?

The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) and Cadbury Fingers have teamed together for a special campaign. The newest instalment of the “For Fingers Big and Small” campaign includes something for deaf people. The motive was to make deaf individuals feel more included, “Sign with Fingers Big and Small”. The main call to action in it is that Cadbury wants to inspire us all to learn some British Sign Language (BSL). 

What Is In The Short Film?

In the short film, viewers can see a young girl explaining to the camera in BSL that she frequently feels left out of conversations because she is deaf. To convey this to us, some of the subtitled words on the screen are hidden. This underlines the girl’s frustrations and feelings of loneliness as when we can not understand what she is saying, we too get frustrated.

cadbury sign language
Image Source: Youtube

This shows that often when we have people of any disability around us, we often forget their presence. We continue being the way that we are without considering that not everybody interacts the same way. In this case, not everybody speaks and hears the same way. Thus, the solution to a more tolerable, understanding, and encouraging society is to learn sign language too.

The Project of Cadbury

In order to help the project, Cadbury Fingers collaborated with Rebecca A. Withey, a writer, and consultant who is deaf. They also brought in a panel made up of members of the deaf community. The “Dinner Table Syndrome,” a condition where deaf persons are unintentionally left out of shared everyday discussions, had an impact on the 30-second commercial.

cadbury sign language
Image Source: Youtube

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Because they were behind the making of this ad, the short film came out so brilliantly and is sensitive too. What do you think: have you observed the dinner table syndrome around you?

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