brands encourage sustainable behaviour
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Global warming is definitely showing itself to us this summer season as temperatures soar beyond the range of that which is bearable. In all of this, we must come together as a community to devise ways of being more sustainable so the damage is mitigated. One important way is how to drive sustainability in the corporate sector. Understanding how brands can be more sustainable is important, here’s how it begins:

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Educate Everyone 

Sustainability is not anybody’s second skin or instinctive knowledge. It’s best not to discount the learning experience for everyone working in the brand and hold workshops or information sessions to learn about it. When everybody learns together and comes equally strong, more ideas can form.

brands encourage sustainable behaviour
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Incentivize Sustainability

Many companies have devised a very effective strategy to bring sustainability into the mainstream. This strategy is that a sustainable goal is set and whoever tries to or is actually successful in meeting that goal gets rewarded a bonus. By incentivizing sustainability, everyone is encouraged to play a role in it.

Perform Locally

A lot of waste and harmful chemicals come into the process when brands continuously strive to make it big. Making it big is measured by how much are they operating beyond the local border. However, if a brand is trying to encourage sustainable behavior, it’s best to look close. This can reduce the need for a lot of harmful processes!

brands encourage sustainable behaviour
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Enforce Company-Wide Rules

Top-down or bottom-up is not the way to go. This is a process that everyone must partake in equally. In this case, enforcing company-wide rules can encourage sustainable behavior. For instance, banning single-use plastics all around the company is a good idea!

Educate The Customers

All the work does not have to be within. A lot of times, the change can also come from the other end which is the customers! Nike is one brand that educates its customers by informing them what goes on behind a pair of shoes. This would make the customers more understanding of increased prices (if they are) due to sustainable measures. They may even support it!

brands encourage sustainable behaviour
Image Source: WellToDo

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