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One of the most awaited episodes of TBH 3.0 featured Hareem Shah. People had been excited ever since they saw teasers that had Hareem giving inside info about her interactions with Sheikh Rasheed and Farooq Sattar. Of course, in the actual show, she would get more open and share more names. So, here we are, freshly updated with the show to shed light on what new knowledge she dispensed.

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Hareem at TBH 3.0 

The show, as expected, was full of laughs. It seemed that both were equal levels of witty with humorous responses literally at the edge of their tongues, keeping the audience entertained. The host, Tabish covered lots of ground when it came to the guest, from her education to her personality, and her career. With the respect that he conducted the show, he seriously won hearts.

As expected though, the questions referred to all the scandals Hareem Shah was involved in, and Hareem did not hold back either.

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Explaining political scandals

Mufti Qavi

With regard to Mufti Qavi, she said that it started out as revenge. She had been fed up with his statements and actions on public platforms alleging that he had been in contact with Hareem with the help of secretaries to invite her to Islam. She even quoted the unprofessionalism of Mubashir Luqman who gave that platform to Muft where he could spew lies.

Photo with Imran Khan 

With respect to her photo with Imran Khan, she said that it went viral and attracted criticism because she had her hand on the PM’s shoulder. Elaborating on it further, she said that the PM had only smiled when she clicked the picture. The reason, she felt, it went viral was because most others don’t get the chance to be up close with the Premier.

Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan

He, it seems, has blocked Hareem Shah’s number.

Mubashir Luqman issue

In explaining how she has inside tea on everyone she revealed why Mubasshir Luqman got irritated. She alleges that he got angry because his plane was revealed, and he had gotten it from Malik Riaz.

Sheikh Rasheed

Hareem said that Sheikh Rasheed offered to give her his number. Well, well, well…

And even after leaked videos, he still talks to her.

The country’s future

To the question: who is the tharkiest of them all, Hareem said it was the politicians. How should one feel about the country’s future after knowing this, we will have to think about that a little.

Revelations about Hareem 

  1. She is an M.Phil Student.
  2. Hareem is not her real name.
  3. Her first salary was PKR 600,000.

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