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Hareem Shah has started another uproar on social media. Whether it’s her latest attempt to go viral or receive criticism, her posts are usually crude and offensive.

Hareem Shah And Sundal Khattak 

The latest video from the two TikTok stars, Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak, has spurred the internet. The controversial video posted on the former’s TikTok account showed the two TikTok stars kissing each other.

The best friends expressed the feeling towards each other with a song playing in the background elevating their admiration to a new level of affection and understanding. The two of them groove to the music, smile at the camera, and then move on to kiss one another. However, the video was deleted from social media.

Take a look at the video.

In the video’s comments section, Sundal Khan commented: “I love you” while Hareem reciprocated the remark with “Love you too.”

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Hareem Shah And Controversies 

The powerhouse of controversies, Hareem Shah always creates bold content and passes unethical remarks. She was also involved in a scandal with Mufti Qavi not that long ago. Another controversy she was a part of revolved around her supposed marriage to a politician. She was going to release the details about her marriage later but she never did. And now, her post from yesterday is making people speculate if the man in the photos is her husband or not.

TikTok platform

It is the users’ choice what they post on any social media platform. While Hareem Shah maybe posting content that takes internet on a rollercoaster ride, TikTok also features famous and renowned food accounts and gives rise to music and dance talents among other avenues.

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