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It’s 2019 and consumers now have complete control over brands! That’s right, consumers can make a brand, they can break a brand, and even twist and turn one too.

All it takes is one social media post to catch the world’s attention and decide the fate of the label that has been brought in to the spotlight.

Graphic designer Clif Dickens has made his own version of some of the brands, he thinks that his work is making these famous brands speak their truth!

Dickens has played around with the taglines by replacing them with what he thinks about the brands, and to be honest, you’ll agree to most of them.

Here’s the Truth about Famous Brands from Dicken’s Eyes

1. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

2. Amazon

3. Tinder

4. Starbucks

5. Netflix

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6. Nike

7. Pepsi

8. Perrier

9. LinkedIn

10. Louis Vuitton

11. McDonald’s

12. Toyota

13. Harley Davidson

14. Ikea

15. iTunes

16. Lays

17. Crayola

18. BuzzFeed

19. Pokemon Go

20. Levi’s

21. Burger King

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22. Tic-Tac

23. Dunkin’ Donuts

24. Toblerone

25. Apple


26. Maybelline

27. Sprite

28. Volkswagon Beetle

29. Axe

30. Hollister

Catch all of Dicken’s work by clicking here.

What did you think about the bands being honest? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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