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According to XDA Developers, Google Chrome is finally getting an upgrade. Reportedly, the tech giant is working to improve the autofill feature for Google Chrome’s Android app.

One of the most useful features of Google Chrome on the Android app is autofill. It saves usernames and passwords so you can sign in all the apps on your phone conveniently whenever you sign out for whatever reason.

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If you’re setting up a new phone, the feature helps you set up your phone in lesser time.

The feature is slightly inconvenient at the moment. On the website, when you tap on a specific field, the floating menu covers most of the display, which makes it inaccessible. However, it does provide you with options when tapped.

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The newest upgrade will soon be out that will make the whole process flawless. After the update, Chrome will provide suggestions above the keyboard without blocking the view or filling up space. Users will be able to scroll through the options.

Tapping specific fields will take you to a screen where associated information is displayed in portions. This allows you to select different parts of the report at a time, which is the key benefit of the update.

For example, you’ve just done adding grocery to your cart on a supermarket site. It is time to add details. As soon as you click on the empty boxes where details need to be filled, the suggestions will appear of what your street address is or maybe just your username, etc.

The newest upgrade also has a hamburger menu in the process, which will allow users to manage payment methods, passwords, and addresses. Currently, these settings are available on Chrome desktop in browser settings only.

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